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LCAM build up a legacy for the future generation by:

 Providing educational opportunities through scholarship programs.

Preserving Mother Earth by sponsoring and organizing local environmental projects and events to raise public awareness. 

Supporting vulnerable communities through charity and volunteer efforts such as fundraising events, welfare home visits, and donations.


Donation of Utensils to SoServ Welfare Malaysia

Donation of Utensils to SoServ Welfare Malaysia(8th March 2022)

31th May 2021, Puchong

Food Supplies to The House Of Joy Children's Home.(May 2021)

Feb 2021

Rice Donation to The Peace Education Centre(Feb 2021)

Donation to Orphanage

Donation to orphanage centre - Pertubuhan Pengurusan Pusat Jagaan 1 Malaysia.(2020)

Kid's Fundraising Drawing Campaign

Organizing "Never Too Little To Help" Kid's Fundraising Drawing Campaign.(2020)

Monthly Food& Supplies to Refugee Centre

Monthly Food Support to Refugee Education Centre.(2020)

MCO Food Supply

MCO food support to Shalom Ace Refugee Centre.(2020)

MCO Food Supply

MCO food support to Chin Student Organization Malaysia in Puchong.(2020)

Blood Donation

Jointly organize with National Blood Donation Center.(2020)

Recycling Project

Engage recycling centre for office spring cleaning.(2020)

Blood Donation

Jointly organized with National Blood Donation Centre in Penang.(2019)

Donation to SJK(C) Damansara

Donations to replace tables and chairs in the teachers' office.(2019)

Donation to Persatuan Insan Istimewa

Visit and donate to Persatuan Insan istimewa.(2018)

Donation to Build Classroom

Donation to build a classroom for special education integrated programme in Perak.(2018)

Visit Handicapped Centre

Visit to Suntek Handicapped Welfare Home.(2017)

Fundraising for Orang Asli

Fundraising for Orang Asli Kuala Bertis, Kelantan.(2017)

Kirtarsh Home

Visit Kirtarsh Home for the disabled and handicapped.(2016)

Scholarship Program

Sponsorship of scholarship to UKM's students.(2015-recent)

Donation to UKM

Refurbishing of UKM's Library & construction of bus stop (2015)

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