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Save the Planet

# ProtectEarth,ProtectFuture  

Environmental preservation can be started with just a  little bit more effort put into our daily routine. Educating, and nurturing children from a young age will definitely be beneficial to the environment in long term.
We hope with the efforts we make, will lead the next generation to be more aware of the environment and able to take care of the earth for endless generations.

Year 2019


Recycling Project

We engaged with the CRC recycling centre for our recycling project, where CRC will collect the recycled items and contribute the amount earned from recycling to help those in need.​

The "trash" that is not treated properly may be a burden to the environment but by recycling them, we brought more value to society and make our environment greener.

Year 2022

E- Waste Project

Aware the burden of electric appliance waste brings to our environment, Return Legacy engaged in e-waste pick-up from Karun Hijau. Karun Hijau will replenish the laptops and distributes to underprivileged children.

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