You might not change the world as one, but

together WE can bring change one’s world

People in remote areas are often living below the poverty line. Hampered with restricted access to basic necessities and daily provisions, families struggle for a better life.


We hope that our contributions help alleviate their worries so they can focus towards better living, as every effort - big or small - will go a long way.

Fundraising for Orang Asli Children (2017)

After knowing the news of a fundraising event for 500 orang asli children in Kuala Betis, Kelantan, we've decided to take part in it. The fundraising period lasted from 18 – 24 Dec 2017.

During that period, we’ve successfully raised RM50,000 in funds, which was more than sufficient to provide for children’s schooling essentials. The donation was a collective effort made possible by Return Legacy, members and the public at large.

Providing Food Support to Chin Student Organization Malaysia in Puchong

During the period of MCO, we had received news that the refugee centre in which consists of 60 families had no food support due to the travel restrictions of their donors and the refugee centre itself had no other way to reach food resources.

Therefore, we decided to provide food support and find them a vendor that is able to send food supplies to the centre.

Providing Food Support to Shalom Ace Centre(SEC) in KL

In June 2020, we were informed by other NGOs regarding the food supplies shortage for a total of 80 students, aged between 4-18 years old in Shalom Ace Centre. We had then contacted the Founder of SEC and arranged food supplies to be sent.

Monthly food support to Shalom Ace Centre

After visiting the centre in March 2020, we understand that the centre had total of 80 students whom is asylum seeker, aged between 4-18 years old, some of the children are orphanage and some of them sending by their parents to this centre for learning purpose as there are volunteers’ teachers here in Shalom Ace education Centre and the learning facilities. The centre needs to pay for high rental for their centre and they can only afford the basic food. In considering to provide better nutrition for the children, LCAM decided to prolong food support for 6 months periods.

Organizing Kid's Fundraising Drawing Campaign "Never Too Little to Help" 

The purpose to organize Kid's Fundraising Drawing Campaign is to collect funding from public to support food supplies for the refugee children. Through this campaign, the children take part get to learnt that they are able to help needy even in their young age thus cultivate the sense of helping others and sense of charity

Donation to Pertubuhan Pengurusan Pusat Jagaan 1 Malaysia, Nov 2020

The centre is a children's welfare home located at Taman Ipoh, Perak. It provides care and education to a total of 32 kids. They adopt the orphanage and children from single-parent families which can't afford to take care of their own child or with family issues.