LCAM is committed to supporting charitable activities in various forms such as providing financial assistance, volunteering support, and donations ranging from food and daily necessities to those in need. LCAM also collaborates with local communities and government sectors to raise public awareness.

Kirtarsh Home 

When our team first visited Kirtarsh Home, we found out about the fire incident and decided to take initiative to

help them clean the Kirtash home.


Due to the incident, various donations were received. However, the donation items were left unorganized due to lack of workers. Hence, we have teamed up and helped them to sort out the items, organize fundraising by selling non-basic necessities, and also spread the news to the public to help donate cash and basic necessities.


Suntek Handicapped Welfare Home

We visited Suntek Handicapped Welfare Home in the year 2017. We have teamed up volunteers and collecting donations in the form of monetary, food, and basic necessities in the total amount of RM16,874.


We helped to clean the centre, organized the donated items, rearranged the goods on the shelves. We had songs performance and had them to sing-along. One of the volunteers even dressed up as Santa Clause to give them presents to cheer them up.

Visit and Donate to Persatuan Insan Istimewa

Donation of RM10,000 and visit to Persatuan Insan Istimewa for the disabled and handicapped in Cheras.

Blood Donation, Petaling Jaya

With an effort to overcome blood shortage and to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusion, LCAM teamed up with the National Blood Donation Center on 15th November 2019 to organize its first-ever blood donation campaign with the theme of "Every Drop Counts, Be A Donor". The blood donation campaign received an overwhelming response with 80 people showed up to support.

Recycling Project

We engaged with the CRC recycling centre to conduct spring cleaning for our office and contributed the amount earned from recycling to help those in need.

The "trash" that is not treated properly may be a burden to the environment but by recycling them, we brought more value to society and make our environment greener.

Blood Donation, Penang

LCAM members organized 2nd blood donation in Penang. We truly appreciated the spirit of all team members that were willing to organized this event wholeheartedly.

"Sharing love, changing lives", lets together bring more positive vibes to the world.